Special little 'Gems' Series Part #1 - Top wedding tips

Planning your wedding

Congratulations on your engagement! Now where to start with planning your special day?

It can be overwhelming with so many options and things to consider!Here are some of our special little 'gems' for creating the wedding of your dreams whilst minimising stress. These little 'gems' we have learnt on our journey as iDo iDo Wedding Planners & Coordinators - keep an eye out for more special little 'gems' on our blog.

1. Book your wedding venue

Late planning will reduce your options considerably so book your venue early! In our experience the easiest weddings to host are held at a venue. This is because if it's too cold or raining you typically have a lovely alternative indoors or under cover.
If you are thinking about having a Backyard wedding then definitely book a marquee with clear sides. We would strongly recommend only having a Backyard wedding from November to March as the weather becomes too unpredictable outside these months... seriously don't risk it. If rain is forecasted, erect the marquee as early as possible to avoid the ground turning into a mud bath and consider installing a floor.

2. Take notes

You will glean information from pamphlets or websites but often, important information is given over the phone or in a passing conversation. Take notes and also remember to write down your questions. Try to pop your questions into ONE email and in bullet points to reduce the paper trail for both you and the vendor

3. Book your photographer & videographer

You will treasure your memories through photos and video, so get someone who is reliable and delivers a quality product on time and within your budget. Read their reviews and look carefully at their portfolio. You can't re-do these images so be wise in who you choose! I always meet our photographers and go through the rigorous process of checking that their work reflects well on our brand.

4. Choose your caterer and bar options

Your guests will remember the food! Think about what your guests enjoy grazing and dining on and also consider what they enjoy drinking. Do you have non-alcoholic options for non-drinkers? Non-drinkers don't just want to be sipping on OJ all night, offer zero percent beers and bubbles too! Have you ordered the bubbles to serve at the end of the ceremony and for toasting?

5. Live acoustic or playlist music?

Guests love what an acoustic guitarist brings to a wedding. The music is personalised and the musician is able to 'read the room' to create the right vibe. We highly recommend investing in a musician. If you use a playlist instead, ask someone reliable to be in charge (not your boozy uncle!)... music sets the stage! This person needs to check their device can bluetooth to the speaker or has the right connections. The music for the ceremony needs to be downloaded to avoid annoying ads randomly coming on! 

We can help!

We hope you got something out of our Series #1 of our Special little 'gems'. As experienced Wedding Planners and Coordinators we have seen it all! We plan for absolutely everything which helps us when troubleshooting the unexpected. Take the stress away and get in touch, we are happy to help!

Visit iDo iDo Weddings to find out more!

Emma & the iDo iDo Crew xx

[Images beautifully captured by Songbirds Photography]


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