What is an iDo iDo Backyard Wedding?

Personalised, Sentimental & Affordable

Theres no place like home! Backyard Weddings are becoming increasingly popular because they are personalised, sentimental and affordable. Your garden provides the natural elements to add visual interest and you will have the freedom to choose any date that works best for you. You can even involve your fur babies if you like!

Why choose a Backyard wedding?

Date and Time is Flexible
- You choose which date and time suits you best. You won't have to work around a venue's availability or need to book years in advance.

No Venue Cost
-  Whether you are in your own backyard or using a family or friend's, you will avoid the charges that come from hiring a venue. 

Have it Your Way
- Formal seating or casual mingling with guests while you enjoy platters.  Guests can play lawn games or the kids can keep busy with an activity corner... you are in control of how it goes! 

Grow your Backdrop 
- Plan ahead and plant particular flowers to be your perfect backdrop. 

Forever Memories
- Years after your wedding, you will find yourself relaxing in your backyard and reminiscing fondly on your special day.

Do iDo Backyard Weddings:

Space and Guests
- We can check to make sure your backyard can host the number of guests you are wanting to invite.
- After the ceremony, we reset your space so your guests have some casual seating and shaded areas.
- We discuss under cover options including a marquee.
- We help you work out how many bathrooms you will need to service your guest numbers.
- We take special care of your senior guests and make sure they have cool beverages and shade on those particularly hot days.

- Most couples have a specific theme, from Rustic, Whimsical to Modern or Bohemian. We can style it your way!

Our Vendors
- We use local vendors who provide us with excellent services and products.
- We love working with some of the best in the industry so ask about our 'EXTRAS' which include hair and makeup., serviced canap├ęs and stone fired pizzas.

Parking and Neighbours
- We discuss how much parking is available for your guests and can suggest carpooling options.
- We like to get the neighbours on-side too by letting them know that you are hosting your special day. We do this by mail drop or a friendly chat... the last thing you need is the lawn mower going right when you are saying "I do".

- iDo iDo can organise every detail leading up to your special day and help make your day stress-free so you can take it all in and simply enjoy yourself!


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